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                          About us
                          Clients and partners
                          Contact us
                           Contact us
                          Address:No.38 Chencang Ave.,Baoji city,
                          Post code:721004
                          Domestic sales and service
                          International sales and service
                          E-mail: info@bhchem.cn
                          Skype: www.ctasqs.com
                           Company Culture
                          Enterprise spirit
                          Unity and harmony; striving and devoting; innovative development; hundred years¨Baohua ̄
                          Enterprise vision
                          Pioneer of the Industry;Banner of the West;Respected by the Society;Happiness in "Baohua"
                           About us                                             More...

                            Welcome to ShaanxiBaohua Tecnologies Co., ltd.
                            The company is a leading and professional manufacturer of a series products of persulfates.
                            Acting domestically and international,the company can manufacture and provide superior quality persulfates products to all-round customers and maximizes the customers profitability.

                            The company mainly manufactures and provides the following products: Ammonium persulfate,Sodium persulfate,Potassium persulfate,20M-40M Big sized ammonium persulfate and Encapsulated gel breaker ammonium persulfate
                            The company will be pleased to your connection and are ready for enquires and service at all time.
                           Products                                             More...

                          SHAANXI BAOHUA TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD. Add:No.38 Chencang Ave.,Baoji city,Shaanxi,China 721004
                          Tel: +86-917-2853895 Fax:+86-917-2853895 E-mail:sales@bhchem.cn